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Earn your Associate Degree online and prepare yourself for entry-level and career advancement opportunities in no time. Earning your Associates Degree will also help prepare you to pursue higher education opportunities.

Earning Your Associate Degree

Earning an Associate Degree is similar to earning an undergraduate degree but does not require as many semester hours. Associates degrees are usually obtained in preparation to for entry level career positions and in preparation for higher education opportunities. Programs consist of three general areas of focus: general education courses, courses oriented towards your major and elective courses. Generally, an Associate Degree can be completed in as little as 2 years by attending 4 semesters (two 15 semester credit hours per year).

Traditionally community colleges, junior colleges and select technical colleges offer associate degree programs. While associate degree are recognized as requiring a general education base many value an associates degree for the vocational and career specific training they provide. Associates degrees are awarded in both job-specific vocational areas such as business, technology and electronics or in liberal arts.

Today many employers looking for employees with job-specific training now prefer graduates with an Associate Degree as these graduates are more likely to have the skill set necessary to excel in entry and mid-level occupational positions.

An Associate degree is a two year course of study that is basically an introduction to a complete degree course. Some people use it as a way of finding out what they are really interested in. Most colleges and universities offer Associate degrees but you might also be able to complete a focused associate degree at a technical college or junior college. An Associate degree can be a great way to find out if you are really interested in a specific career or a way to get your foot in the door. Whatever your reason for taking an Associate degree, you can be sure that it will help you increase your life satisfaction and the ability to make more money in the future.
There are many good reasons for getting your Associate degree but the ability to obtain it online makes it easier for you to do so. You can start taking courses online at various points throughout the year but the best part is that online universities and colleges give you a way to increase your education without disrupting your life. You can continue to work, you can continue to make your family a priority, and you can give yourself the ability to increase your earnings potential at the same time. Getting your Associate degree through an online university can only benefit you and make your life better.

The Four Types of Associate’s Degrees

There are many types of associate degrees and not all associate’s degrees are created equal. When selecting your preferred online associate degree program, you will need to select one of these types. Hence, you need to know:

1. Associate of Arts (AA)

The Associate of Arts or AA degree is made up of approximately 60 semester college-level credits. Most of accredited Associate of Arts degree program courses allow you to transfer your credits to a university or in continue education.

2. Associate of Science (AS)

Similar to Associate of Arts degree, the AS / Associate of Science degree also consist of about 60 semester college-level credits. Most of AS requirements prepare the students to start their careers or transfer to a bachelor degree program that are heavy in math and science. Like AA, most of the courses taken in an accredited AS degree program should be able to transfer to a university.

3. Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

The AAS degree is designed to prepare students to start their career or employment after the completion of the associate degree. As most of college accept AAS credits on a very limit basis, the AAS degree is more suitable for students who not intend to return to school after earning their associate degree. Like other associate degree program, the AAS requires about 60 semester credits for graduation.

4. Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS)

An AOS is a vocational degree similar to the AAS. The degree generally requires about 60 semester credits, the majority of which are concentrated in the major. AOS degrees are not expected to transfer to bachelor programs at traditional colleges.


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